12th Annual North American Passive House Conference

The Path to Zero Source Energy



Presenter Slides now available via the Core Conference schedule.

Conference SWAG: Proceedings and T-Shirts available for sale




Core Conference Presentations focuses on:

  • Deep building science topics/passive building best practices
  • Technological developments, systems and materials innovations
  • Case studies in all climates with all construction types: Single, Multifamily (lo, mid, hi), commercial, retrofits, source-zero projects
  • Latest policy and financial tool developments
  • Passive source-zero buildings + renewable grid-solutions
  • International climate-specific passive building solutions

Pre-Conference workshops/trainings/lectures:

  • PHIUS+ Rater Training
  • Various WUFI Passive workshops
  • Indoor Air Quality RESET Training
  • Multifamily-palooza
  • Free Passive House 101 session
  • the CPHC Exam
  • and more..

Evening Events include:

  • FREE, Passive House Around the Sound at the Seattle Public Library on September 27,
  • Passive Project Competition and Exhibit Hall opening on September 28, and
  • the annual PHAUS Mixer, sure to be a blast on September 30!

NAPHC is the leading passive building conference for climate-specific zero energy design, construction, and building science expertise.


#NAPHC2017 is presented by Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) in partnership with Passive House Alliance US (PHAUS).

PHIUS is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to making high-performance passive building the mainstream market standard.

PHIUS is transforming the building sector by developing Passive Building standards, practices, and certifications specific to North America’s many climate zones. PHIUS is the Made-in-America solution for building professionals who create durable, comfortable, healthy, and super energy-efficient buildings.

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